Single Channel Relay 0-10V lighting control

Lighting Control | Series: LC-WL-M | LC-WL-M-11610

The LC-WL-M-11610 Lighting Control Module responds to a variety of wireless EnOcean devices to control and dim LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts, or other switchable loads. The LC-WL-M-11610 offers on/off control when combined with a wireless light switch or automatic shut-off when combined with a wireless occupancy sensor. Additionally the Lighting Control Module can perform occupancy-based setback dimming and self-contained daylight harvesting functions.

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  • - Self-powered wireless light switch
  • - Lux sensor (for daylight harvesting)
  • - Occupancy motion sensor
  • - Smart phone
  • - VenergyUI software

Single Channel Relay 0-10V lighting control Model Shown

Technology: Lighting Control Category: Architectural


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