TFL22-4050D-DIM Frame Light

Replacement light for Troffers | Series: TFL22-4050 |

The LED frame light offers a new design that creates an innovative and outstanding lighting performance, available to replace 2x2 LED panels and other troffers. It has a modern design and is easy to install. Ideal for both new construction and remodel/replacement of fluorescent troffers or LED panels in commercial office spaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and retail merchandising areas.

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Shipping Weight:

5YearWarranty.png   Dim1-10V.png   RemoteCapable.jpg  
  • Features
  • • Provides high-end architectural appearance
  • • Remote mount driver
  • • 1-10Vdimming
  • • Lens delivers unique beam angle and reduces glare
  • • Super lightweight construction means easy installation
  • • High-quality LED chips

TFL22-4050D-DIM Frame Light Model Shown

Technology: Replacement light for Troffers Category: Recessed
C: 2'D: 2'
E: .59"


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