2X4 LED Parabolic

LED Troffer | Series: PCLED | PCLED24-8800D2CXL835

The PC series housing offers superior light performance, while the precision formed parabolic blades direct the light to the zones where it is most needed while reducing glare. These features make the PC ideal for use in airport, retail, education and commercial office buildings where low glare, high quality and clean lines are required.

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Shipping Weight:

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  • Hot dipped galvanized uni-body construction with integrated black reveal
  • Painted After Fabrication (PAF)- safe handling and added corrosion resistance
  • NEMA type G standard with integral EQ/Grid clips and four corner tie points
  • Rigid high performance anodized aluminum parabolic louvers
  • NEC required ballast disconnect pre-installed

2X4 LED Parabolic Model Shown

Technology: LED Troffer Category: Recessed


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