RSPLED22-20D1RO1L830-EM main

RSPLED22-20D1RO1L830-EM 2FT - Linear Architectural Strip - 2000lm at 3000K with emergency ballast

Series: RSPLED | Part #: RSPLED22-20D1RO1L830-EM

Elegant and functional, the Tamlite Lighting RSPLED22-20D1RO1L830-EM 2FT Linear Architectural Strip is a top choice for modern lighting solutions. With a warm 3000K color temperature and a bright 2000 lumens output, this fixture creates a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere, perfect for both commercial and residential settings. Its robust aluminum construction and integrated LED technology ensure durability and energy efficiency, while the emergency backup feature provides added reliability during power outages. Ideal for enhancing the visual comfort of offices, retail spaces, and homes, this strip light combines style with performance in a sleek, low-profile design.

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Color: White

Voltage Rating: 120-277 VAC

Height: 5 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 1

Length: 25.25 Inches

Weight: 5 Pounds

Average Life: 60,000 Hours

Lumens: 2000 Lumens

Series: RSPLED

Mounting: Surface Mount

Material: Aluminum

Stock Code: 0562-9317

Width: 4.75 Inches

Wattage: 26 Watts

Socket Type: LED Boards

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
RSPLED22-20D1RO1L830-EM0562-93175 Inches25.25 Inches4.75 Inches120-277 VACSurface Mount
RSPLED24-40D1PO1L8500587-55275 Inches49.25 Inches4.75 Inches120-277 VACSurface Mount
RSPLED26-60D1RO1L8300562-93235.125 Inches74 Inches5.75 Inches120-277 VACSurface Mount
RSPLED28-80D2PO1L8500587-55305.125 Inches92 Inches5.75 Inches120-277 VACSurface Mount

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