STVLED24-40D1L840 main

STVLED24-40D1L840 Slim 2X4 4000LM Volumetric 4K

Series: STVLED | Part #: STVLED24-40D1L840

The Tamlite Lighting STVLED24-40D1L840 Slim 2X4 4000LM Volumetric 4K is a top choice for enhancing commercial and institutional environments. With its sleek, recessed design and robust galvanized steel construction, this LED lensed troffer combines durability with a clean aesthetic. Offering a bright 4000 lumens output and a comfortable 4000K color temperature, it ensures efficient, balanced lighting suitable for offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. Easy installation and energy-efficient performance make it ideal for both new constructions and retrofit projects.

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Color: White

Voltage Rating: 120/277 VAC

Height: 3.25 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 1

Length: 47.75 Inches

Frequency Rating: 50-60 Hertz

Weight: 13.4 Pounds

Series: STVLED

Mounting: Recessed Mounting

Material: Galvanized Steel

Stock Code: 0550-6680

Width: 23.75 Inches

Reflector Type: Volumetric

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
STVLED22-40D1L8400550-66683.25 Inches23.75 Inches23.75 Inches120/277 VACRecessed Mounting
STVLED22-60D1L8500566-97063 Inches23.75 Inches23.75 Inches120-277 VACRecessed
STVLED24-40D1L8400550-66803.25 Inches47.75 Inches23.75 Inches120/277 VACRecessed Mounting
STVLED24-60D1L8500551-45973 Inches47.69 Inches23.75 Inches120-277 VACRecessed

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