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IC406R 6" Shallow IC Air-Tight Remodel Housing

Series: IC | Part #: IC406R

Discover the efficiency and style of the Tamlite Lighting IC406R, a premier 6-inch shallow IC air-tight remodel housing perfect for enhancing indoor lighting environments. Ideal for remodel applications requiring minimal space and maximum air-tightness, this product ensures a seamless integration into existing ceilings. With its robust construction and compatibility with standard residential electrical systems, the IC406R offers a straightforward installation process and a clean, modern finish to any room. Perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers, this remodel housing is a top choice for reliable, stylish lighting solutions.

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Color: Chrome

Voltage Rating: 120 VAC

Height: 5.5 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 1

Weight: 1.80 Pounds

Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hertz

Series: IC

Mounting: Recessed

Fixture Material: Steel

Standard: UL

Stock Code: 0253-5354

Width: 6.875 Inches

Style: Remodel Housing

Wattage: 75 Watts

Socket Type: E26 Base

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
IC104AT0263-99345.406 Inches8.437 Inches5.969 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC104RAT0300-20706.250 Inches11.375 Inches4.625 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC205AT0263-99317.5 Inches10.5 Inches7.5 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC205RAT0264-16507.5 Inches -NA-5 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC206AT0253-53427.5 Inches10.75 Inches -NA-120 VACRecessed
IC206ATQ0253-53457.5 Inches -NA-6 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC206ATQF0266-03917.5 Inches -NA-6 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC206RAT0253-53487.50 Inches -NA-6.00 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC4060253-53515.5 Inches -NA-6 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC406R0253-53545.5 Inches -NA-6.875 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC5-SAT0307-61977.125 Inches11 Inches7.7 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC8060264-15787.5 Inches -NA-6 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC806R0264-15817.50 Inches -NA-6.875 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC9068AT0264-15967.25 Inches15.5 Inches11.375 Inches120 VACRecessed
IC906AT0264-01657.375 Inches15.5 Inches11.375 Inches120 VACRecessed
OS10219-51150.48 Inches12.65 Inches8.83 Inches -NA-Surface Mount
TRRIC104AT-FR0536-33616.75 Inches10.6875 Inches7.6875 Inches120 VACRecessed
TRRIC206ATQ-FR0536-33557.6875 Inches12.5 Inches9 Inches120 VACRecessed

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