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LMX500 Emergency 500 lumen 5 Watt Ballast For Fusion Bypass Tubes

Series: LMX | Part #: LMX500

Ideal for ensuring continuous lighting in power outages, the Tamlite Lighting LMX500 Emergency Ballast is a top choice for commercial and industrial settings. With its ability to deliver 500 lumens from just 5 watts, this product combines energy efficiency with high performance. Compatible with a voltage range of 120-277 Volts AC and designed for easy fixture mounting, the LMX500 is both versatile and user-friendly. Compact dimensions and compliance with safety standards further enhance its appeal for maintaining illumination during emergencies.

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Color: Red

Voltage Rating: 120-277 VAC

Height: 1.22 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 0

Length: 9.49 Inches

Weight: 2 Pounds

Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hertz

Series: LMX

Mounting: Direct to Fixture

Dimmable: Non-Dimmable

Stock Code: 0440-2824

Width: 1.29 Inches

Wattage: 5 Watts

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
LMX-V20EM0357-12155.68 Inches16.25 Inches1.75 Inches120-277 VACDirect to Fixture
LMX16000331-83271.5 Inches15.5 Inches2.75 Inches120/277 VACSurface Mount
LMX5000440-28241.22 Inches9.49 Inches1.29 Inches120-277 VACDirect to Fixture
LMX8000331-83301.48 Inches11.46 Inches2.63 Inches120/277 VACDirect to Fixture

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