TM4BL-BK/WR main

TM4BL-BK/WR 6" Slope Baffle

Series: TM | Part #: TM4BL-BK/WR

Ideal for modern commercial environments, the Tamlite Lighting TM4BL-BK/WR 6" Slope Baffle offers a sophisticated and efficient recessed lighting solution. This durable metal downlighting fixture from the TM series features a sleek black and white finish, enhancing a variety of interior designs. With its robust construction and easy-to-install spring mount, this product promises longevity and consistent performance, making it a versatile choice for numerous commercial settings.

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Height: 4.5 Inches

Material: Metal

Mounting: Spring Mount

Stock Code: 0264-1599

Style: Slope Baffle

Length: 8 Inches

Weight: 0.4 Pounds

Series: TM

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
TM102A-BK/BK0285-03605.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-CL/WH0286-74005.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-MO/MO0285-03635.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-WH/WR0253-53695.25 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102S-WH0300-06214.14 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM15P-NR0288-76564.0625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM15P-WP0253-54054.0625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM19RA-CL/CH0253-5441 -NA-6 Inches6 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM215-WH0263-9943.625 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM217-MO0264-18540.625 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/BK0275-46781.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/SN0263-99461.75 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/WH0264-01711.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-MO/MO0263-99491.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-WH/WH0263-99521.875 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24C-CL/WH0264-18211.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24C-WH/WH0264-18331.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM25B-WH/WH0264-18571.75 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM28-MO0264-1887.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-0Recessed
TM3-MO0253-5453.5 Inches8 Inches8 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM338-WH0253-54771.0625 Inches8.1875 Inches8.1875 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM38E-WH/WH0253-54835.25 Inches8.1875 Inches8.1875 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM3B-MO/MO0253-54922.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM3B-WH/WR0253-54952.5625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM3R-GD/WR0253-55102.8125 Inches7.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM3R-WH/WR0253-55132.8125 Inches7.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM48BL-BK/BK0373-75385.0625 Inches7.8125 Inches7.8125 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM4A-MO/MO0299-39553.25 Inches5 Inches5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM4A-WH/WR0299-39611.875 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-BK/SN0253-55432.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-BK/WR0253-55462.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-MO/MO0253-55492.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4BL-BK/WR0264-15994.5 Inches8 Inches -NA- -NA-Spring Mount
TM4BL-WH/WR0268-40164.5 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4RL-CL/WR0264-16084.5 Inches8 Inches8 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM54C-CL/WH0253-55853.125 Inches7.25 Inches7.25 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM55B-WH/WR0263-99855.125 Inches6.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM55R-CL/WR0264-16625.125 Inches6.5625 Inches6.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM58-WH0264-17250.625 Inches6.5 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM5A-BK/BK0295-79314.375 Inches6.5 Inches6.5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM5A-MO/MO0295-79254.375 Inches6.5 Inches6.5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM5A-WH/WR0291-63514.375 Inches6.5 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM84E-BK0268-40282.125 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM8E-BK0264-00333.75 Inches8 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM8E-WH0253-56213.75 Inches8.00 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed

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