W2LED504K-EM-PC main

W2LED504K-EM-PC 50W LED Wall Pack Visor With Battery Backup & Photocell

Series: W2LED | Part #: W2LED504K-EM-PC

Experience unparalleled illumination with the Tamlite Lighting W2LED504K-EM-PC 50W LED Wall Pack Visor, a top-tier choice for outdoor lighting needs. This robust unit not only offers a high-output 6,424 lumens for bright, clear visibility but also includes a battery backup and photocell for automatic lighting adjustments, ensuring continuous, efficient operation. With its durable construction and sleek design, this LED wall pack is perfect for enhancing the safety and aesthetics of building exteriors, walkways, and perimeter areas. Ideal for both commercial and industrial settings, it stands as a beacon of reliability and functionality in outdoor lighting solutions.

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  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • 1/2" coin plugs with O-rings for conduit entry
  • Bronze powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel external screws
  • Prismatic borosilicate glass lens
  • Formed aluminum reflector
  • 120-277V operation
  • UL listed for wet location

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Color: Bronze

Voltage Rating: 120-277 VAC

Height: 9.29 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 1

Length: 15.06 Inches

Weight: 15.2 Pounds

Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hertz

Lumens: 6,424 Lumens

Series: W2LED

Fixture Material: Aluminum

Stock Code: 0549-3645

Width: 7.46 Inches

Fixture Finish: Powder Coat

Style: Wallpack

Wattage: 50 Watts

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
W2LED504K0530-56599.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-EM0546-41079.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-EM-PC0549-36459.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-PC0543-07809.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K0313-38339.29 Inches -NA-15.06 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-EM0439-26367.46 Inches14.27 Inches9.29 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-EM-PC0549-36489.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-PC0546-41049.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED604K0530-56629.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K0305-55519 Inches14.271 Inches -NA-120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K-EM0439-26399.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K-PC0545-34247.4 Inches14.27 Inches9.29 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-

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