W2LED504K-PC main

W2LED504K-PC 50W LED Wall Pack With Photocell

Series: W2LED | Part #: W2LED504K-PC

Introducing the Tamlite Lighting W2LED504K-PC, a top-tier 50W LED Wall Pack with Photocell, designed to brilliantly illuminate outdoor spaces with its robust 6,424 lumens output. Crafted from durable die-cast aluminum and featuring a sleek bronze powder coat finish, this fixture ensures longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Ideal for lighting building exteriors, walkways, and perimeter areas, it combines energy efficiency with a built-in photocell for automated lighting control. Perfect for enhancing security and visibility, the W2LED504K-PC operates on a universal voltage range and is UL listed for wet locations, making it a dependable choice for any outdoor lighting needs.

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  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • 1/2" coin plugs with O-rings for conduit entry
  • Bronze powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel external screws
  • Prismatic borosilicate glass lens
  • Formed aluminum reflector
  • 120-277V operation
  • UL listed for wet location

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Color: Bronze

Voltage Rating: 120-277 VAC

Height: 9.29 Inches

Number Of Lamps: 1

Length: 15.06 Inches

Weight: 13.2 Pounds

Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hertz

Lumens: 6,424 Lumens

Series: W2LED

Fixture Material: Aluminum

Stock Code: 0543-0780

Width: 7.46 Inches

Fixture Finish: Powder Coat

Style: Wallpack

Wattage: 50 Watts

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
W2LED504K0530-56599.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-EM0546-41079.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-EM-PC0549-36459.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED504K-PC0543-07809.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K0313-38339.29 Inches -NA-15.06 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-EM0439-26367.46 Inches14.27 Inches9.29 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-EM-PC0549-36489.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120-277 VAC -NA-
W2LED505K-PC0546-41049.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED604K0530-56629.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K0305-55519 Inches14.271 Inches -NA-120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K-EM0439-26399.29 Inches15.06 Inches7.46 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-
W2LED805K-PC0545-34247.4 Inches14.27 Inches9.29 Inches120/277 VAC -NA-

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