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TM58-WH 5" White Adjustable Flush Gimbal Trim

Series: TM | Part #: TM58-WH

Introducing the Tamlite Lighting TM58-WH, a top choice for sophisticated commercial downlighting needs. This 5-inch white adjustable flush gimbal trim, crafted from durable aluminum, offers both style and functionality for any setting, including retail spaces, offices, or galleries. Part of the renowned TM series, it features an adjustable gimbal that allows precise directional lighting, enhancing any project with its modern appearance and reliable performance. Ideal for those seeking a blend of elegance and practicality in their lighting solutions.

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Height: 0.625 Inches

Material: Aluminum

Mounting: Recessed

Stock Code: 0264-1725

Style: Recessed Trim

Length: 6.5 Inches

Weight: 0.4 Pounds

Series: TM

Ordering Information
Part # Stock CodeHeightLengthWidthVoltage RatingMounting
TM102A-BK/BK0285-03605.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-CL/WH0286-74005.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-MO/MO0285-03635.25 Inches7.375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102A-WH/WR0253-53695.25 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM102S-WH0300-06214.14 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM15P-NR0288-76564.0625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM15P-WP0253-54054.0625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM19RA-CL/CH0253-5441 -NA-6 Inches6 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM215-WH0263-9943.625 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM217-MO0264-18540.625 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/BK0275-46781.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/SN0263-99461.75 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM24B-BK/WH0264-01711.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-MO/MO0263-99491.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24B-WH/WH0263-99521.875 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24C-CL/WH0264-18211.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM24C-WH/WH0264-18331.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM25B-WH/WH0264-18571.75 Inches4.9375 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM28-MO0264-1887.75 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA-0Recessed
TM3-MO0253-5453.5 Inches8 Inches8 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM338-WH0253-54771.0625 Inches8.1875 Inches8.1875 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM38E-WH/WH0253-54835.25 Inches8.1875 Inches8.1875 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM3B-MO/MO0253-54922.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM3B-WH/WR0253-54952.5625 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM3R-GD/WR0253-55102.8125 Inches7.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM3R-WH/WR0253-55132.8125 Inches7.5625 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM48BL-BK/BK0373-75385.0625 Inches7.8125 Inches7.8125 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM4A-MO/MO0299-39553.25 Inches5 Inches5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM4A-WH/WR0299-39611.875 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-BK/SN0253-55432.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-BK/WR0253-55462.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4B-MO/MO0253-55492.1875 Inches7.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4BL-BK/WR0264-15994.5 Inches8 Inches -NA- -NA-Spring Mount
TM4BL-WH/WR0268-40164.5 Inches -NA- -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM4RL-CL/WR0264-16084.5 Inches8 Inches8 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM54C-CL/WH0253-55853.125 Inches7.25 Inches7.25 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM55B-WH/WR0263-99855.125 Inches6.5625 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM55R-CL/WR0264-16625.125 Inches6.5625 Inches6.5625 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM58-WH0264-17250.625 Inches6.5 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM5A-BK/BK0295-79314.375 Inches6.5 Inches6.5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM5A-MO/MO0295-79254.375 Inches6.5 Inches6.5 Inches -NA-Recessed
TM5A-WH/WR0291-63514.375 Inches6.5 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM84E-BK0268-40282.125 Inches4.9375 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM8E-BK0264-00333.75 Inches8 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed
TM8E-WH0253-56213.75 Inches8.00 Inches -NA- -NA-Recessed

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